I have been working in the fitness industry as a certified personal trainer since 1998. I work with my clients to develop and implement long term plans to make the necessary lifestyle changes so that they can achieve their health and fitness goals. I love to see the satisfaction my clients feel when they reach a personal best and accomplish more than they thought was physically possible for themselves. I believe that everything we do in our life is dependent on our health. The quality of our family and leisure time and our productivity at work, are all enhanced by better health. Through proper exercise and nutrition people can look and feel great while enjoying an overall better quality of life. That’s why I became a certified personal trainer, a canfitpro Pro Trainer, and opened Custom Conditioning, a studio dedicated to making a real difference in the health of everyone we meet.

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My health & fitness journey started at a very young age. I have always been exceedingly passionate about sports; excelling in baseball, hockey and track & field. As a kid, sports & physical activity was what I lived for. As I grew older I truly discovered my passion for exercise and becoming the best that I could possibly be. I decided to continue my education in fitness, and in 2011 I got certified as a Personal Trainer so that I could help change people’s lives every day! My philosophy has been to continuously educate myself and my clients so that I can provide my clients with the motivation and support system to achieve the quality of life that they deserve. My main focus is to come up with long term plans to help people of all ages and fitness levels achieve their goals through proper exercise and nutrition. With a variety of training methods to accommodate every individual’s needs, you can be sure to expect fun, effective and challenging workouts every time you step into the gym!

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Most of my teenage life I was inactive and quite overweight, so at the age of 16 I decided it was time to
make a change! I didn’t look for guidance at the time, I moved forward armed only with my will power
and determination. During my journey, I lost weight, gained weight, lost weight and gained weight
again….. I’ve come to realize that it is a very common pattern for many people looking to lose weight
and lead a healthy lifestyle. Over time, I learned that my failures were learning opportunities that I
could use to refine my strategies to achieving my goals. Since I’ve started my journey, I have lost 45lbs
of fat, and gained 40lbs of muscle. I unfortunately also had to learn how to deal with training injuries,
like many people do while training without proper guidance. That’s how I came to realize that I wanted
to study physiotherapy. I am now studying at McGill in Physiotherapy after having first completed a year
of Kinesiology, with the goal of wanting to help people regain mobility and become free from pain, so
that they may discover the full potential of what they can achieve.

I love helping people find solutions to their physical limitations, as well as helping people find strength
they never knew they had. True satisfaction for me comes from the happiness I see in my clients when
they succeed, as well as their determination and the trust they have in me when they aren`t succeeding
as much as they`d like to.

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