Personal training is the fastest,
most effective and safe way
to reach your health and fitness goals!


Develop and implement long term plans
so that you can achieve your health
and fitness goals!


We are here to help you
work towards your goals!

Why Custom Conditioning?

We strive to provide the best solutions for our members.  We’re always working on improving the 4 core principles of our CARE philosophy:


We provide the structured and systematic support you need to stay motivated and consistent with your training and lifestyle changes. We use short and long term goal setting to make sure you are successful in reaching your goals.

Action plans:

Using comprehensive health screens, fitness assessments and video movement screens, we develop customized programming and prescriptions to fit your individual needs so that you can work your hardest while preventing injuries; in other words, the fastest and safest way to reach your goals.


Our members help make us who we are. Training in a friendly community oriented environment, absent of judgement and full of support, creates an atmosphere of fun that makes you want to come back and train more. We also have a brand new fully renovated facility with a large variety of fitness equipment to help all fitness levels reach their goals.


The best coaching and program development comes from having the right people who are continuously working to improve their knowledge so that they can best help their clients. At Custom Conditioning, we invest in our trainer’s education. And all of our trainers contribute to the development of our systems. We know that a team approach is the best way to have the most successful plans for our members. All of our trainers have multiple certifications and years of experience in the personal training industry.